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With RANDEU, professionals in their industry can effectively manage their appointment calendar. Organizing, changing or canceling appointments is now faster and easier.

Don't Forget Your Appointments! Relax with Automatic Reminders.

Tracking your appointments is now much easier with Randeu! With automatic SMS and e-mail reminders, you can be sure that your customers, students or patients will never forget their appointments.

Online Appointment
  • Your customers can book appointments 24/7 via your website. This allows users to book appointments at any time and industry professionals to manage their free time more effectively.

  • Randeu is an innovative appointment solution that helps businesses quickly organize appointments and schedules, optimize business processes and provide a seamless experience for customers.

Appointment Industries

Unleash the Potential of Your Business!

Unlock the full potential of your business with Randeu! Optimize your workflows and offer your customers a great experience with our modern appointment management.

Automatic Reminders

Send automatic SMS and email reminders to reduce no-show rates.

Easy 24/7 Appointment Making

Your customers can book appointments 24/7 via your website.

Comprehensive Reports

Optimize your business performance by analyzing engagement rates and customer information.

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Doctor, Physiotherapist, Dentist

Healthcare professionals can effectively manage their appointment calendars with RANDEU. Arranging, changing or cancelling patient appointments is now faster and easier.

SMS and E-mail Reminders

To remind and follow-up on patient appointments, RANDEU offers the ability to send automatic SMS or email reminders. This increases appointment loyalty and ensures that patients do not miss their examinations.

Online Appointment Booking
  • Patients and clients can book appointments online through RANDEU. This allows users to book appointments at any time and allows healthcare professionals to manage their free time more effectively.

  • Health professionals can create personalised profile cards for their patients via RANDEU. By storing contact information on these cards, they can quickly contact their patients.

Extremely Flexible

Organise Your Clinic Quickly and Easily

  • Physiotherapists can quickly and easily schedule, change or cancel their patients' appointments. RANDEU has an efficient appointment tracking system.

  • Sending appointment reminders to patients via automated SMS or email reminders improves organisation in the clinic and increases patient satisfaction.

  • Patients and clients can book an appointment online via RANDEU on the appointment page developed for you. This gives physiotherapists the flexibility to manage their own free time, but also offers ease of use for patients.

Kadın Fizyoterapist

Personal Trainer, Pilates, CrossFit

Manage your business with RANDEU, organise your appointments and strengthen your customer relationships. Planning a healthy life is now much easier!

Kadın Özel Antrenör
Becoming Institutionalised

Manage Your Appointments Easily with RANDEU for Private Fitness Trainers! We are here to offer your service more effectively, increase interaction with your customers and highlight your professional identity. Let's reach your goals together with customised solutions!

Improve Your Strategy with RANDEU
  • RANDEU offers sports trainers excellent convenience in scheduling and tracking appointments. Trainers can organise appointments with their clients at convenient times and easily manage this process online.

  • Trainers can create their own corporate web page through RANDEU. They can provide services to their customers with a professional appearance, share their references, detail their services and communicate with their customers through the web page.

Car Service Planning and Appointment System

Technology in Dialogue, Comfort in Service

RANDEU is a reservation management system designed for companies in the vehicle maintenance and repair sector, allowing you to optimise your business processes by increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Effective Appointment Management: Your customers can schedule their vehicle maintenance and repair appointments quickly and efficiently through RANDEU. Maximise the capacity of your business with our tailor-made appointment calendar.

  • Timely Maintenance Reminders: RANDEU automatically sends reminders to your customers to remind them about the maintenance of their vehicles on time, thus increasing customer loyalty.

  • Smart Workshop Management: Detailed calendar and booking tracking features allow you to monitor the activities of your workshop. Maximise service quality by increasing efficiency.

RANDEU enables you to provide personalised service and strengthen customer relationships. Provide a special care experience for each customer's vehicle.

Erkek Servis Ustası

Erkek Berber
Appointment App for Barbers

Mobile Barbershop Reservation Management

In an age where making appointments and booking management has become an art, RANDEU brings a new dimension to your barber shops.

  • Easy Appointment Management: Your customers can book appointments or make changes at any time they wish. RANDEU offers the simplest way to optimise the occupancy rate of your barbershop and organise appointments.

  • Reminders and Notifications: Forgotten appointments are history! Increase your occupancy rate and strengthen customer loyalty with SMS reminders sent to customers.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: RANDEU enables you to exceed your customers' expectations. Take customer satisfaction to the top with personalised services and regular communication.

Be a pioneer in appointment management, make your barber shop more efficient and customer-oriented with RANDEU.

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